About Recreo

Recreo began with the vision to simplify the complexities of superannuation and investment administration. Our leadership team is passionate about our customers, partners and employees to create simple and powerful solutions that provide value back to Funds and their members.

Board of Directors

Harry Mitchell

Matthew Crooks
Co-Founder and Director

Stephen Rowbottom

Nicholas Wright

Executive Team

Harry Mitchell
Managing Director

Dara Long
Head of Risk and Compliance

Faramarz Phorozan
Head of Engineering, Feature Development

Andrew Bain
Chief Executive Officer

Dan Renoux
Head of Product

Ed Prawiranegara
Head of Engineering, Production Support

Petros Gionis
Chief Technology Officer

Zane Sherry
Head of Strategy

Chitra Iyengar
Head of Quality Assurance

Louis Droguett
Chief Delivery Officer

Ryan Iyaloo
Head of Solution Delivery

Belinda Mellows
Head of Finance

Patricia Taylor
Head of Strategic HR

Recreo Office

Head Office
Bond Store 2, Level 1, 24 Hickson Road

Walsh Bay, NSW 2000

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