Solutions for the super industry

Recreo offers a fully serviced superannuation and investment administration solution for institutions and advisers.

Recreo has been built with the intention to break through the limitations of other super solutions by revealing the implications of user actions in real-time. It delivers the most relevant financial intelligence accurately and immediately.

A game-changer for large super funds giving them new choice in system and administration provision for super, pension, defined benefit and non-super products.

The financial services marketplace is crowded with traditional service providers. Recreo commands a unique position in the market by creating a single segment that overlaps four traditional segments of administration and system provision. Unlike many of the new “FinTech disruptors” Recreo’s positioning, rich functionality, and established capability across the four segments will ensure Recreo’s continued ascent in service provision.

No other platform delivers all functionality listed below:

  • Full end to end administration services for Super, Pension, SMSF, MDA, IDPS and Direct Investments using a single platform
  • Next Generation system design architecture
  • Cloud based, scalable
  • Tax structure agnostic for ultimate product flexibility
  • Real time tax, compliance, investment performance and fee calculations
  • Real time administration and trading
  • Mobile ready
  • 100% Australian based administration and call centre
  • 100% owned and developed

Real-time tax estimation and CGT optimisation

The best decisions are made with the best information. With Recreo clients see real-time taxation estimates before they commit, not after it's too late. The live tax tools let investors optimize and track their tax position, saving money, simplifying and taking the worry out of year-end taxes.

Daily automated bank processing

Bank and broker transactions are reconciled daily to reveal compliance or tax issues, and the intelligent preview function shows the impact of a transaction before it’s executed. Recreo has built-in data feeds for foreign exchange rates, and domestic and international stock markets and managed funds.

Complete document management

Recreo contains an innovative document management system. Dealers, advisers, trustees and members can add notes, documents and activities and associate them with any record in the system.

Mobile technology and secure encryption

Recreo is not only agile, it's mobile. Investors can connect anywhere, anytime, for live access to manage, stay current and stay relaxed in the knowledge that complete control of their SMSF, super fund or investment fund is immediately available.

Recreo develops innovative and intuitive solutions using the latest technologies

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